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欢迎来到bt体育软件下载的护理课程! 我们现在位于新的36,000平方公里. ft. Adler Center for Nursing Excellence and we take great pride in our 程序s and students. 的 highly-acclaimed and expanding nursing 程序s enjoy state-of-the-art labs that enhance the education of Ramapo College students in the nursing and sciences. Ramapo’s undergraduate nursing 程序 has had significant increases in enrollment since its inception in 1993, a Master of Science in 护理教育 was added in 2002 and two new tracks in Nurse 政府 and 家庭护理师 were approved in 2016. More than 460 students are enrolled in all nursing 程序s and use the facilities of the Adler Center for Nursing Excellence on a daily basis.

的 Adler Center for Nursing Excellence features three simulation rooms where students learn to address emergencies involving their computer-simulated patients. Nursing faculty recreate medical scenarios that play out each day in hospitals, 让每个病人都有自己独特的遭遇, and students are able to receive invaluable feedback from their instructors on how to improve their skills and reaction times.

A Nursing Skills Lab teaches students the necessary basics of nursing, including physical assessment of a patient and the many procedures that make up skilled nursing. 的 Adler Center also features an Anatomy and Physiology Lab, 计算机实验室和通用教室. 一个会议室, a café with gallery space and an assistant dean’s suite are incorporated into the plans.

We offer all of our students intimate attention and guidance, and have prestigious clinical partnerships that are unique in 护理教育. 临床合作伙伴, 硅谷医院, has been designated as a Magnet Hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Such a designation certifies such hospitals as Centers of Excellence in Nursing. This partnership allows students in our 程序s to experience nursing in one of the best nursing departments in the country.


  1. 一般护理(BSN) 程序 对于那些准备成为护士的人
  2. RN到BSN轨道 for nurses with their RN license returning to school for the BSN degree
  3. 护理学硕士 程序s with 3 track options, for BSN-prepared nurses advancing in their careers:
  4. 护理实践博士学位 is a post-Master’s 程序 designed for nurses seeking a terminal Nursing degree. 该项目于2020年秋季启动!

研究生s of all three 程序s are working across the United States in various areas of nursing. 一些毕业生在我们自己的项目中工作. 机会是无穷的. One measurable outcome of the pre-licensure 程序 is the first time pass rate on the NCLEX (National Council Licensing Exam).  我们的学生做得很好. 收费详情载于 /努尔/页面/ NCLEX-RN.aspx. Additionally, all graduates of the past 3 years have received nursing positions 在一年内 平均90%的毕业生毕业 在四年内. Our MSN in 护理教育 graduates have also achieved success with over 20% of our total graduates attending doctoral degree 程序s within 5 years of graduation. 其他成功的衡量标准(PDF)

Please explore our 程序s via this website and attend our open houses, information sessions or call or email us to learn more about our 程序s. All 程序s are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 桃树路3390号东北套1400, 亚特兰大, GA 30326. Any complaints about the 程序 may be addressed to the New Jersey State Board of Nursing, 哈尔西街124号, 纽瓦克, NJ 07102. 973-504-6200



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